Learn to save lives

Lifesaving is not just about saving the lives of others. It's also very much about saving your own. Either because it is you who are in danger, or to avoid you getting into danger.

To make a vital difference in a serious situation, you must learn three things:
  • To save yourself
  • To perform a rescue without putting yourself at risk and
  • To revive others.

First aid saves lives - and everyone can learn to help. “Apropos Kommunikation” offers first aid courses to help individuals, businesses and schools. The sooner help is given, the better. For each second that goes without resuscitation, chances of survival are reduced.

A person with cardiac arrest dies after 8-11 minutes if he doesn’t get help. With cardiac massage and rescue breathing the deadline can be extended for approx. 15 minutes.

Every year 3500 Danes have a cardiac arrest outside hospitals, where there is no one present, who can provide lifesaving first aid before the ambulance arrives. But if quick and effective first aid is provided, chances of survival increase up to 60 percent.

From studies abroad, we know that if assistance is called quickly and first aid is provided, it is increasing the chances of survival. In Denmark only 20% of the injured get life-saving first aid, compared to other countries where it is 27-67%.

If one collapse due to cardiac arrest in Denmark, one can’t assume that a fellow citizen will provide first aid until the ambulance arrives.

Only about 100 people survive - ie approx. 2%. Presumably, we can save about 500 people annually with an improved effort.

YOU can help make a difference. Learn first aid NOW



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