First Aid Course – Learn to save lives at a first aid course

Several companies have realized the need to learn how to save lives at a first aid course.

Content of a first aid course
Depending on your needs, choose the first course that suits you and have the content relevant to you.

At a basic course in first aid, you will learn among other things::

* Proper alerting
* Rescue breathing
* CPR for adults
* CPR for children
·*Stopping the bleeding
·*Emergency relocation
·*Shock prevention

Providers of first aid course
“APROPOS Kommunikation“ is an approved and certified training provider of first aid courses. Our instructors all have a practical and professional background of the Danish Emergency Ambulance Service / Emergency Medical Ambulance service.
With our background we will always be able to make your first aid course something practical and useful.

First Aid Course - Course Options.
There are first aid courses for both beginners and experienced, or maybe you just need to brush up on your previous learned first aid skills?

Who can participate in a first aid course?
“Apropos Kommunikation” provide first aid courses for companies, institutions, sports clubs and many others. To obtain a competency certificate you must be aged 14 or above, but everyone can benefit considerably from a first aid course.

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